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Red River Specialties, Inc., an Azelis company, offers professional expertise in providing safe and effective solutions for land management objectives, in all forage markets associated to rangeland, pasturelands both improved and native pastures, noxious and invasive weeds, cereals, grass seed, wildlife both private and government lands. This includes prescriptive control for weeds and brush, and noxious weeds with application timing for products utilizing herbicides, insecticides, adjuvants and fertilizers to meet the needs of the land manager.

Our experienced representatives of Red River Specialties can supply the products and services needed by applicators, dealers, government agencies and producers a like.

Timing is critical in getting the job done right. Red River Specialties’ superior service delivers the correct product when you need it, ensuring an accurate and timely application.

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  • Forestry
  • IVM/Aquatic
  • Range, Pasture and Weed

Select from one of our major markets:


The forestry business requires access to a wide range of products and services. Red River Specialties’ long standing relationship with applicators provides a problem free service for our customers.


The industrial vegetation management market covers a broad range of applications. Red River Specialties has the expertise to assist in-house programs or custom applicators. We can recommend the right product for the job.

Range, Pasture and Weed

Herbicides provide an effective alternative for controlling brush and weeds in range and pasture settings. Red River Specialties has a broad portfolio of products that can not only give optimum benefits to livestock but also to wildlife.